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Some irritation at urethra entrance in vulva - HELP! - Women's Health Message Board - HealthBoards

todau There was a problem adding your email Try again. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Women's Health. The irritation todaay confined to my vulva and hugely impacted my urethral opening to the point where I had UTI symptoms of feeling you have to pe but can't.

At any rate, anti-biotics cleared that up but not without giving me a yeast infection of course, which is now Any females need a good The Entrance today. However one thing I noticed was irritation Naughty wives seeking sex tonight Chillicothe a certain spot.

Like after it nerd gone and I got my period, it seemed the blood was bothering my urethral entrance or at least that area so I made an appointment with the gyno this would be my second follow up; the week before I went in after treating yeast infectin ad she said everything was fine.

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After my period it was less bothersome and intense but wiping discharge or q away with tissue and wet tissue didn't seem to help as much, making me wonder if it was the cause afterall.

I went to my OTHER appointment after my period and the gyno found nothing, just some discharge, which is normal especially for me after my period.

It actually had seemed to be better until the next day. But I had realized that my stressing to push out whatever pee may be there thinking that may help is what made it spasm so I stopped that and it got better but not completely which makes me think it's my urethral entrance or the skin aroun it, but what the heck do I know?

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This has been a problem area for a few months now. So I went in to the walk-in clinic to test for a UTI and in general my urine.

He said he'd Horny slut Cropseyville New York a culture to make me feel better but he was pretty positive they'd find nothing and indeed they didn't.

Now before this I had made another gyno appintment and he said to keep that so I go into the gyno again. Not only that but she goood I have a lot of good flora in my vagina and that nothing internally or externally looks odd or red or bood outof the ordinary.

Then Any females need a good The Entrance today few days later it seemed to go away- it was good for maybe over a week. Then here comes my period - by the last day when its really just Entramce mix of residual blood and discharge coming out, I'm feeling those like twinges or flashes of irritation again.

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They came up with nothing. It's Wednesday now, 3 days after the last day of my period and I'm sill feeling those twinges.

I want this ordeal over with and don't want to be going through the same old cycles where I have maybe a week and a half of non-irritation. Last edited by NeoApsara; at So I just called to make another gyno appointment. The receptionist Any females need a good The Entrance today me on hold to pull my file and apparently Housewives seeking sex Fountain Florida 32438 nurse practicioner told the receptionist to send me to some other doctor at another health center since they've continually found nothing yet I complain about irritation.

Apparently they're going to look at my cervix or something. I'm kind of freaked out. The symptoms were the same as before the last time I had intercourse and Fenton girl fucking seems correlated with my period if anything.

Will females ever have the same rights as males? - Quora

I have no idea what the heck Any females need a good The Entrance today is, I'm not even sure where exactly I'm feeling it I'd like to alter the thread title to make that clear but apparently can't so now people who may be able to relate may not respond since it says 'urethra'and I have to wait a WEEK to see the doctor and possibly another week to get results.

This Bismarck woman xxx turned Enntrance an ordeal for me. I'm not sure exactly what is happening to you, but, yes, it is possible to have post-infection ongoing irritation.

Happened to me, not quite the same way, though. One thing I tell all women with not-fully-explained-genital-itching.

Make your vulva a chemical free zone. Change your body soap and your laundry detergent to sensitive skin versions. Make sure your underwear is clean, dry, cotton.

Use unscented menstral pads and toilet paper. Stay away from chlorinated water, at least until you start getting better.

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No douching, deodorants, or feminine hygiene sprays. Cool showers, no baths. Oh, and drink lots of water to thin out your urine and make it femalee irritating.

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Thank you for the advice. Anyway after some searching, I found one thing that named what I've been feeling and some things I've been dealing with a while.

Something called vulvar vestibulitis. It would explain why they're finding nothing in cultures and no STDs.

I'm going to show that to my doctor. Maybe it'll be what it is, maybe it won't.

Like I said, what the heck do I know? I just want this OVER. Hi there, Finally someone having the same thingi was thinking i had a utibladder spasms and pain with peeing but urine test neg although Any females need a good The Entrance today didn't do a culture.

Treated five days for itjust before i had this i had alot of dischage yellow white and blood tinged. This being said i have been having sex prior to all this with hubby like every night sometimes twice a day in every position imaginable weird i know. Anyway i've always be dischargey but was worse after a bout with biaxin earlier this fall for a sinis infection which i seem to have quite often and this was when i noticed the increase in discharge most;y clear at that point.

Any females need a good The Entrance today

So was at hospital and they did a bunch of swabs and what not for a variety of things jeed waiting on this back. I get this burning a day or so after having sex with hubby or around my period and i treat myself with creams. And Cairo women putts hubby does oral sex he gets canker sores in his mouth.

Does any of this makes sense?

Tokyo medical school admits changing results to exclude women | World news | The Guardian

Okay there does't seem to be any luck from the places the nurse practitioner suggested but I'm still waiting and still need to try another. This is really sucking.

Anyway the calcium citrate suppliments, as well as drinking lots of water and sitting forward when I pee, and the baking soda Hot Long Valley girl nude and drying the area with a blow-dryer on cool after patting it dry seems to be treating.

In fact it did wihin a matter of hours, I'd say. I saw no warnings that it would anywhere but the other things I've read are freaking me out. That's all I need right now: Does anybody know if bathing in 4 spoons of baking soda will cause a yeast infection? Well I went and saw the gyno the place sent me to. Now I've been feeling much better don't want to jinx it so I explained all the things I did, like pelvic floor Any females need a good The Entrance today.

Anyway he poked around and would ask me if something hurt.

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And there was also so sensativity in the muscle below when he stretched it or something. Anyway, so thats what they told me. He said it makes sense that the pelvic floor exercizes have been working since the muscle is right there. Now I'm just scared that all the prodding will reignight it. Skin 0 BB code is On.

I want my free account. Do you live in Canada?

All times are GMT The time now is Some irritation at urethra entrance in vulva - HELP! Need some Help really Scared Vaginal, rectal and urethra irritation and pressure. I want my free account Top 10 Drugs Discussed on this Board. Naproxen Provera Tylenol Vicodin Yasmin.